Tablets , Syrup & Capsules

1UFF TABLET TabletProvide Relief From Peptic Ulcer, Hyperacity & Reflux.3X30
2Urologik KFT TabletEliminates The Risk Of Developing Kidney Dysfunctions.3×10
3Urologik KFT syrupEliminates The Risk Of Developing Kidney Dysfunctions.200ml
4Parasupp syrupAn Ideal Nervine Tonic For Improving Brain Functions Effectively.200ml
5Parasupp TabletsAn Ideal Nervine Tonic For Improving Brain Functions Effectively.3×10
6Luconorm CaplsuleSpecial Treatment For Unpleasant Leucorrhea.3×10
7Pigosafe CapsuleEffective Induces Repigmentation Of Vitilligo.3×30
8Ultimo CapsuleA Natural Aphrodisiac And Sexual Performance Enhancer.10×10
9Ultimo Plus ChuranA Natural Aphrodisiac And Sexual Performance Enhancer.100gm
10Gobaby syrup/DropBabies Be Healthy With Gobaby.200ml/30ml
11Hushh syrupA Powerful Cough Relieving Formula100ml
12Redliv-DS syrupRestores and Maintains Normal Liver Functions.100/200ml
13Redliv-DS CapsuleRestores and Maintains Normal Liver Functions.10×10
14Urologik syrupA Complete Treatment and Prevention in Urolithiasis & UTI100/200ml
15Urologik TabletA Complete Treatment and Prevention in Urolithiasis & UTI3×30
16Bello SyrupPurifies The Blood To Transform The Picture200ml
17Hair Treatment KitHelp Grow Hair Naturally100gm / 100ml
18Mrig & Mrig-G capsuleProvide Round The Clock Relief In Joints Pain and inflammation.2×10
19MRIG OILRelieves Pain & Inflammation Right At The Site.60ml
20Memo syrupHerbal Nervine Tonic & Memory Enhancer200ml
21P-31 capsule/OintmentA Nature’s way To Treat Haemorrhoids3×10 / 30gm
22APL SyrupNormalizes Natural Funtions Of Digestive System100/200ml
23Altapure SyrupBlood Purifier100/200ml
24Senora SyrupDelicately Designed For Her Delicate Natural System200/450ml
25Nino CapsuleCare For Oligospermia & Infertility10×10
26Pango CapsuleCare For Joints Pain & Inflammation3×10
27Pango oil/Forte oilCare For Joints Pain & Inflammation60/60ml
28Nutrif SyrupA Natural Health Supplement For All Age Group200/450ml
29Nutrif CapsuleA Natural Health Supplement For All Age Group3×10
30Analo juice/Gel/CapsulePure,Fresh & Stabilised Aloevera juice200ml/50gm/1×30
31Kyla SyrupA Perfect Remedy For Total Cough Control100ml
32Altapro PowderEnergy Drink For All Age200gm
33Slimpro-24 PowderFast Acting Weight Manager Help To Shape Body Naturally By Reducing Extra Weight.455gm
34ALTIS Body GrowIncreases Energy & Muscles300gm
35Ayush Kwath DropsImmunity Booster30ml
36Tulsi DropsAnti Viral, Antibacterial & Natural Immunity Booster30 ml
37Ashwagandha DropGreat Energy Booster30 ml
38Haldi DropAnti-Bacterial , Antiseptic , Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory & Blood Purifier30 ml
39Giloy DropsGreat Immuno Modulator30 ml
40Ginger DropsA Natural Digester & Appetizer30 ml
41APL DropsFor Infants And Children An Effective And Safe Herbal Digester & Appetizer60ml
42Ashwagandha CapsuleGreat Energy Booster1×60
43Redliv DropsTender Care For Delicate Liver60ml
44Karela CapsuleGreat Metabolic Regulator1×60
45Haridra CapsuleGreat Allergy Care1×60
46Giloy CapsuleGreat Immuno Modulator1×60
47Neem CapsuleGreat Skin Care1×60
48Triphala CapsuleGreat Digestive Care1×60
49Flaxseed CapsuleGreat Nutrient Rich Food1×60
50Manjistha CapsuleSkin Care1×60
51Garlic & Ajwain CapsuleGreat Cholesterol Protection & Digestion1×60
52Gokshura CapsuleMen Health1×60
53Shallaki CapsuleBone & Joint Care1×60

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