Altislife Senora Syrup | Pack of 1 – 200ml


Product Details:

Packaging Size                         200 ml

Dosage                                      2-3 tpf 2-3 times a day

Age Group                                Children – 4 to 12 years,Adolescent 12 to 18 years, Adult                                                    19 to 40 years & Old 40 years onwards.

Medicine Type                          Ayurvedic

Usage/Application                   Intermenstrual Bleeding

Brand                                        Altislife

Form                                         Syrup

Product Type                           Herbal Medicine



Irregularities of the cycle without organic cause like hypermenorrhoea, Polymenorrhoea, intermenstrual bleeding etc., Non specific vaginitis, leucorrhoea, Secondary sterility, Premenstrual tension, Dysmenorrhoea, Delayed puberty in females, After abortions, Premenopausal complications.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 m


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